October 17th Lecture and Roundtable
"Counterpoint Athens"

November 5th  Lecture
"Were women among the theatre audience in ancient Athens? And does it matter?"

November 7th and 8th Conference
"Theatre Outside Athens: Drama in Greek Sicily and South Italy"

January 16th Conference
"Plato and Aristotle Go to the Theatre"

Monday, February 23rd
Athenian Drama and Political Culture

with David Rosenbloom
Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Tuesday, March 3rd
The Problem of the Spectators: Ancient and Modern

with Lorna Hardwick
Professor of Classical Studies and Director of the Reception of
Classical Texts Research Project, Open University, England


Was there a Roman Theatre?
Thursday, April 16th, 3pm
Evans Alumni Center, 1800 Sheridan Rd.

An introduction to the Spring Sawyer Series
by Daniel Garrison
Professor of Classics, Northwestern University

Friday, April 24th
Living Next Door to a Roman Comedy: Plautus’ Mercator and Terence’s Hecyra

with C.W. Marshall
Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada

Friday, May 8th
Memory, Identity, and Interactions at Roman Theaters in Asia Minor

with Diana Ng
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University

Friday, May 15th
Orchestrated Violence: The Role of Music in the Roman Amphitheatre

with Kathleen Coleman
Professor of Latin, Harvard University

Friday, May 22nd
Theatrics in Late Antique Antioch

with Blake Leyerle
John Cardinal O'Hara c.s.c. Associate Professor of Early Christian Studies,
Notre Dame University

Friday, June 5th
The Mirror of Life:
Imagining Classical Comedy in Renaissance Italy/ Europe

with William West
Associate Professor in English, Northwestern University

Becoming Maxime humanissimi ad maiorem Dei gloriam:
Theatre and Early Modern Jesuit Education

with Michael Zampelli
Associate Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance, Santa Clara University